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My philosophy is that you only get one chance to do it right the first time and when you take all things into consideration there is only one best way to get the job done.

Our History

Mark Nardontonia owner and President of ESI has been actively involved providing security in Central Pa. since 1980. Mark is a second generation security professional. Since the early 1960s Mark’s father John A. Nardontonia was involved with electronic security working for manufactures until he started his own company JAN Associated in the 70s. When John Retired in 1997 Mark started ESI and continued providing security installation and service to some of the same customers. Marks Experience and Knowledge will soon span 40 years.

Why We Stand Out

It is not cheap or easy staying on the cutting edge. Nobody wants to be a Beta Site. Someone has to do it. That is why we test and evaluate every product before we cut it loose on one of our clients.