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Secure Access

Access Control is the Art of Allowing Free Egress to authorized individuals while Denying Access to unauthorized people and providing Secure Entry for Visitors and Vendors.

There are a variety of components and credentials which can be used to create a safe and secure environment. The most cost effective approach utilizes existing structure and infrastructure while maintaining your aesthetically pleasing surroundings. ESI has been involved with securing, Government, Education, Healthcare, Institutional, commercial and residential buildings for almost 40 years. We know how to make your openings secure.

Access Control Platform

ESI’s DSX Access Control Platform is unequaled in performance, features and expandability. ESI has been using DSX since 1990 and the days of DOS computer systems. We know a lot about it and are still learning more. We have never found boundaries we could not overcome with this product. Every application is different and that is what makes it so exciting.

Choose ESI for your New or Retrofit your existing system to a new DSX system and I promise that you will not be disappointed.